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Commission your own unique work of art

Whether you are looking for a portrait of a 2 or 4-legged family member, or you have a favourite scene that you would like to have captured on canvas, just ask me about turning that wish into reality.

Most commissions, such as portraits, are done using photographs, but these do need to be good quality, clear and showing an accurate colour as they will be what I work from. If the photograph is blurred (not in focus) or the head is too small to show close-up details and expression, then you will not get a good likeness.

If I think that I can get a good likeness from the photograph, then you choose whether it is a pastel drawing or a painting in either acrylics or watercolours. Then you choose the size you want from a range of standard sizes or bespoke to suit your home. You then send a 20% deposit, I complete the commission and email a photo of the finished picture.

You can either collect it and pay the balance when you collect it, or I can send it out to you. When you get the email showing the completed picture, you send the balance due plus cost of postage and as soon as that money is received, I will send the picture to you.

Just drop me a line in the box at the bottom of the page and we can have a chat about the requirements of your commission.

Select from a gallery of paintings and drawings

I have an ever-changing selection of drawings and paintings for sale in all media (watercolour, acrylics, oils, pencil, soft pastel and oil pastel) and covering all sorts of topics including landscapes, seascapes, still life, flowers, animals and portraits.

The video has a selection of them and more are featured on the art gallery page which also includes examples from previous commissions to inspire you. But for full details of sizes, media and price of current paintings on sale click the button and pop into my online Etsy shop at:

Turn your favourite photos into precious pet portraits

Here is a selection of the portraits alongside the images that they were drawn from.

See further examples of pet portraits in pastel in the gallery below and at:

To chat over a commission for your pet or pets, and even pets and owners, just message me via the link at the bottom of the page.


Wow! Just wow! You really have captured Tash. It's what I had hoped for and more. I'm so moved to see her like this again. We miss her so much and this really helps. You were the right person for the job.


Angela, thank you so much for the beautiful portrait. I could not have imagined you could catch her soul so well. Huge THANK YOU.


You have perfectly captured his beautiful face!! I think he is pleased as well. Thank you.


Thanks so much. It is so like her; we are both very, very pleased. Angela is without doubt a talented artist.


As soon as I saw this picture I just had to buy it! The way you have captured the effects of light on the ripples of water is wonderful. It's in situ now and is so relaxing to look at.


A thousand thanks! You have done a brilliant job. The scene will be a constant source of such happy memories for us.


Hear the story as you watch it coming to life, then you can buy the actual painting
Don’t let precious memories fade away, I can capture them in permanent artworks for you to treasure forever.

Pictures speak a thousand words

Click on the images for full details of sizes, price and how to buy them

As the nation prepares to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I created this portrait to mark her 70 years on the British throne.

When The Queen and the nation mourned the passing of HRH The Prince Philip, I created this portrait in tribute to him and the service he gave to Queen and country.

"Sunset over Whalsay, Shetland Isles" is a pastel drawing on mid-tone paper of the setting sun reflecting on the rippling, gentle waves.

"Waiting on the Bridge" is an acrylic landscape full of questions: does he know another figure approaches? Do they know each other, or that they are being watched by rabbits?

"Road through the snow" is an acrylic landscape painting using perspective and vanishing point in its composition in order to lead the viewer into the snowy scene.

."River of Lights, Tivoli" uses soft pastels on rgb(0, 0, 0) paper to capture the dramatic effects of a city's arteries of lights at night.

This adorable Red Panda was donated to the annual art auction for Explorers Against Extinction. SOLD

"Welcome home" is a night-time scene in soft pastel on black paper inspired by photos our house with the lights shining out into the garden, plus garden solar lights. SOLD

This delightful swan family is inspired by photos that I took while admiring the graceful adult swans protectively circling round the clutch of adorable little cygnets.

I love owls, so seeing this tiny Northern Saw Whet Owl feasting on juicy berries, I just had to paint him.

The "Fisherman’s cottage" may be nestled on top of the dunes and protected by the cliffs but still gives the feeling of being huddled against the elements.

These clusters of bright red poppies were sketched in the garden and painted in watercolours.

The cascade tumbling into the lake and then racing out over huge rocks is an acrylic painting based on sketches done at La Fosse Arthor in Normandy, France.

"Lakeside Fun" shows children and visitors playing and walking around the lake at the centre of the spa town Bagnoles De l'Orne in northern France.

One of a trio exploring the depiction, in soft pastel, of white water as it tumbles down the cascade and over the rocks at the Grande Cascade near Mortain in Normandy, France.

A canoeing duo splashing around on the water on a sunny day with the light bouncing off the rocks and the red lifejackets giving a bright pop of colour.

This landscape of the famous French tourist spot, Mont St Michel, depicted at sunset, is painted in metallic watercolours which glint in different lights. It is sold framed for ease of display.

Give a unique person

a unique gift of

a unique work of art

I love drawing the illusion of snow, and this is one of my favourite snow scenes - Gold Hill - always evoking the memory of the little boy struggling up hill with his bicycle on his bread delivery round.

Ruff Woods in Ormskirk, West Lancashire, is a lovely mixture of paths winding in and out of woodland and down to the small quarry where this scene is looking towards.

This wave crashing onto the rocks was created in mixed media with pastel as the base to the picture and white acrylic paint layered on to create the texture of the wave's foamy splash back.

This single swan is pictured from above as the low winter sunlight bounces off the ripples on the water. SOLD

"Cottages in the woods" is a watercolour scene painted en plein air on the path leading up to the castle at Lassay Les Chateuax in northern France. 

The 2 fishing boats beached on the sands at low tide give the feeling of a lazy summer's day. There is a little village in the background nestled in front of the towering cliffs.

"Safe and Snug" looks out onto a chilly scene from a place of warmth and safety; the cool blues and greys of the snow contrasts with the warm red curtain and the rich brown window frames.

Walking down the lakeside path in the Botanic Gardens in Southport, Merseyside, the sun lit up the trees' autumnal shades contrasting with the cool shadows of the archway.

"Reflections of Wayfarers Arcade in Southport" is a nostalgic shopping trip looking at the wonderful arch vaulted glass ceiling which has remained virtually untouched for a century. The long arcade is ideal for these panorama canvases.

"Lapping on the shoreline" is an oil painting on a long, thin panoramic canvas which plays with just how much one can leave empty and the brain will still fill in the full image that is represented in this tranquil scene.

"Berthed near Burscough" take us down the canal in this West Lancashire town to where this line of brightly coloured boats were berthed near the highly distinctive bridge that reflects so well in this acrylic painting.

"Gone Fishing with Dad" has a delightful image of a father and son sat on the jetty waiting for the first catch of the day. Painted in oils on a deep frame canvas, each side, top and bottom contains elements that can only be viewed from that side.

The subtle yet dramatic colour palette of the tinted charcoal paints helps create a brooding landscape of craggy mountains towering above the little hamlet nestled in the foothills

How to commission that special portrait or a painting to recall memories of happier days